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¡Hola Baby! ~ ¡Vamos a gozar en español!
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Hola Baby will no longer offer independent classes. Starting in Fall 2015 the Hola Baby curriculum will be offered to preschools and daycares to implement! Training will also be available for teachers! We hope to reach more children in Spanish at a young age this way! If you are interested in the Hola Baby curriculum please sign up for the email list and stay tuned for updates. Thank you to all of our former and current participants for years of support! We hope your child can continue to have fun in Spanish via the Hola Baby curriculum at his/her preschool or daycare center!
¡Hola Baby! is a Spanish immersion program for babies and toddlers. The goal is to have fun in Spanish at an early age and among friends! ¡Hola Baby! helps parents introduce Spanish to their child and/or reinforce the language with their child in a social setting. Parents with little to no Spanish language will learn alongside their child, while parents who are fluent or native speakers will receive support in their effort to preserve the Spanish language in their home. Best of all, children will learn that Spanish can be spoken with friends as well as with a parent or caretaker!


I can't even begin to tell you what an impact Hola Baby has made on Kylie. As soon as she wakes up on Wednesdays she announces, "Today I'm going to Spanish class!" She absolutely loves Hola Baby. It has made Spanish come alive for her. Prior to Hola Baby I tried to speak to Kylie in Spanish, but she would tell me to speak English because that is what everyone speaks. Moving to this area where there are so many Spanish speaking people and being exposed to Hola Baby has really sparked an interest in her. What a joy it has been to see the other children starting to respond in Spanish and truly understanding.
-Maria Isabel Zito

When we got home from class, we called my sister in Spain. She asked Andrew to sing a song from Hola Baby to her, and with no further prompting he sang Buenos Días, Buenos Días, Cómo estas? Cómo estas? and finished the remainder of the song with words I could not identify. It was lots of fun to watch!
-Ann Carr

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED Hola Baby... Ellis did as well! We are so delighted that we found out about this program. It is exceptional. Bravo and gracias!!! We look forward to our Fridays.
-Ashley Klick

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